The regulatory path forward for CBD

While not everyone was on the same page about the legal path forward for hemp-derived CBD during Friday’s marathon FDA hearing, multiple speakers made clear that the current situation is untenable, with one predicting a wave of lawsuits, and others demanding that the agency either crack down on companies marketing such products, or explicitly spell out that existing regulatory frameworks can accommodate them.

Many concerns about CBD products

You can buy CBD in oils, supplements, soda, even dog food. But most of them violates federal food and drug regulations, prompting concerns over safety and deceptive marketing.

Cannabis companies lobby the FDA to fully legalize CBD

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen CBD products on the shelves. You’ve probably even heard folks talk about using CBD that you normally wouldn’t suspect, like older relatives or your local postal worker, stating how the cannabinoid eases their arthritic pain or alleviates their anxiety, helping them sleep better. Iconic local businesses, such as Stumptown Coffee here in Portland, Oregon, have launched CBD products and pharmacy giant CVS announced that it was selling CBD products in about 1,500 stores across 8 states. While it seems like CBD and CBD-infused products are fully legal, like Pulp Fiction’s Vincent Vega tells Jules Winnfield about hash in Amsterdam, “It’s legal, but it ain’t 100% legal.” That could all change as the FDA is holding a historic hearing on “Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds,” including CBD, today.

The creator of Jelly Belly released a line of CBD-infused Jelly Beans

Regular jelly beans are a fun, fruity treat, but how about CBD-infused ones? David Klein, the genius behind Jelly Belly jelly beans, has given the chewy candy a 2019 makeover with Spectrum Confections – a line of jelly Jelly Beans infused with cannabidol (CBD). 

THC to CBD: More cannabis companies expand their CBD capabilities

Citing New Frontier Data’s analysis, reviews cannabis companies’ CBD capabilities following major market trends for 2019.