Could Legal Marijuana Upend the $41 Billion Sleep Aid Market?

Cannabis has been found to “compete[s] favorably” with over-the-counter sleep aids, particularly those containing common antihistamines.

Canadian cannabis cultivators spy opportunity in Europe

Canadian medical cannabis companies are rapidly increasing their global reach, tripling exports from 500 kg in 2017 to 1,460 kg in 2018.

Cannabis has the VC market buzzing as firms seek to capitalize

In six years, the private capital committed to U.S. cannabis companies increased by 64x, without many conventional exit routes in sight.

THC Is Not Associated With Long-Term Driving Impairment According To International Study

Researchers analyzed data involving a group of subjects that participated in simulated driving performance tests while consuming cannabis.

New Zealand Government Unveils Cannabis Legalization Bill

New Zealand will vote on cannabis legalization in 2020. Details of the measure were released this week by New Zealand’s government.

Vape Crisis Prompts Calls for Greater Clarity in Cannabis Regulation

Professionals say that the ongoing vape crisis highlights the need for better regulation as many states approach licensing differently. 

Brazil approves medical marijuana rules, blocks cannabis cultivation

Brazilian pharmaceutical regulator Anvisa has approved regulations for medicinal cannabis-based products to be imported from abroad.

Aurora Cannabis’ Latest Debacle Couldn’t Come at a Worse Time

International medical cannabis sales was one of only a few bright spots in Aurora’s ugly Q1 results. Now that bright spot appears to be largely snuffed out, at least temporarily.

What You Need to Know About Products Containing Cannabis

The FDA is working to answer questions about the science, safety, and quality of products containing cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds, particularly CBD.